DIY designer makes book shelf furniture from scratch

DIY designer Kaitlyn Farrow says she was inspired to make a book shelf by a friend, after seeing how she used to read books in the library.

“We both started to realise that we were both reading books all the time,” Ms Farrow, from Bristol, said.

“And it was just not a sustainable thing to do.”

“It’s like a little box that’s just like a book. “

I used a few bits and pieces of the old library books I was reading, so I could put a few books on it. “

It’s like a little box that’s just like a book.

She said she started with a standard book shelf, but had to make it a little bigger to accommodate the books. “

I had no idea what I was going to end up with, but after I was done with it, I just thought ‘that’s a pretty good idea’.” Ms Frols book shelf is made from recycled concrete.

She said she started with a standard book shelf, but had to make it a little bigger to accommodate the books.

“For the first few weeks I just sat on the floor and did a lot with the books I had, but once I realised that they needed a little more space, I decided to go for a bigger shelf,” she said.

Ms Frolls book shelving can be used as a reading shelf, or as a table.

It can be decorated with photographs or a poster or even as a bedside table.

Ms Flarrow said the furniture was a bit of a challenge to build, and had to be constructed from a lot more materials than normal.

“This is a huge project, and it takes time, so it’s something that I’ve been working on for a while,” she added.

“The idea came from my friend and I sitting around, and I just went to a local book store and saw that I could buy books for a couple of dollars.”

Ms Frowles book shelf will be displayed in a small section at the local library in Bristol, before it is displayed on a shelf in her house.

She plans to share her book shelf with other students, who can then take pictures with it and share them on social media.

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