How to design a modern, high-tech, and more sustainable way to decorate your house

I have spent the past week with my husband, a construction worker, who is always looking for ways to decorating his home.

He loves a modern house and it’s always been one of his favorite things to do, so when we went out to buy a house and the budget for the house got really tight, he knew we needed to find something different to add to his decor.

That’s when we stumbled across this mantel rug, which was inspired by the one from the movie “The Shining.”

It’s simple, easy to make, and it looks absolutely stunning when it’s done right.

What makes it even more unique is that the mantel itself is made of high-grade concrete, which allows it to be a perfect match for a living room.

Here’s how to make a high-quality mantel from a single piece of concrete.

First, you’ll need to find a piece of cement that you can cut.

That will be the concrete you want to make the mantels from.

Make sure you cut at least 1 inch of the cement, and you can use smaller pieces if you need more of a specific shape.

If you’re using a lot of cement, you can also buy smaller pieces of concrete that are 1-inch tall.

Next, you want a flat surface that you want your mantel to sit on.

For this tutorial, I used a 4-foot piece of drywall.

You can also use a 4×4 or similar piece of flooring.

Once you get the piece of the flooring that fits your mantels, you need to cut it into two pieces.

Cut out a circle, as seen in the picture above, and glue it to the center of the wall piece.

Now, glue the two pieces together using the corner pieces of the corner piece.

Next step is to glue the mantles on the corner of the circle you just made.

It’s important to make sure the cement doesn’t stick to the corners of the mantle, as it will create a strong bond with the cement.

Once the cement is glued, it’s time to cut the two corners and the two sides of the circular.

Make a small hole and push the corner out to make it longer than the rest of the hole.

This is important, because it’s going to be the part of the casing that holds the mantling.

If the hole doesn’t fit properly, it’ll fall out and the mantler will fall off the wall.

Once it’s cut, you will want to glue all of the corners to the mantlet.

Make an equal-size hole on each side of the matted corner, as shown in the above picture.

Now you can glue the pieces together with the corner corners glued to each other, and then glue the corners.

Next you want the corners and mantel piece to be glued together.

You will see the sides of each corner as well as the corners on the mantled side, as well.

Next glue the corner sides and the side corners of your mantlet together.

This will give you a finished, rounded shape.

Now it’s ready to go!

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