How to make a haunted house from scratch

Halloween decorations are a popular theme, but there are a few basic rules to follow when decorating a haunted home: 1.

Place all decorations inside the house, not outside.

If you’re going to decorate a haunted attraction, you’re probably going to need to put your decorations inside.

This isn’t because they’ll stay in place, but because they’re a better way to keep the guests out.2.

Be careful when it comes to the lights.

Many of the decorations inside a haunted theme park may be bright and colorful, but if you put them on, the lights will become an annoying reminder of your past.


Be sure that you don’t leave any of the decor out during the night.

While some haunted attractions are still under construction, many of the lights in them have been removed.

Some may be gone for months.


Use bright colors for decoration.

This can be especially important in a haunted hotel.

Haunted hotels typically have white and black walls, and they use white-tinted windows that make the walls look more like a theme park than a real hotel.

But white-painted windows can also look bad if you leave them out during a nighttime party.


Avoid making a giant, expensive, and impractical Halloween wall.

A lot of people like to have a wall that’s large enough for a Halloween party.

But the more expensive, impractical, and downright silly you make your wall, the less people will be able to get into the house.

You can buy cheap, round, or even square, acrylic, polycarbonate, and wood wall panels.

This will help keep the decorations out of the way and avoid the hassle of trying to get in.

Health and safety tips for Halloween decoratorsYou should always follow these safety tips: Never, ever let guests touch the decorations.

They’re very fragile.

Keep them away from children, pets, and the ground.

Never, never, never let guests put decorations on furniture, including pillows, couches, and chairs.

Do not put any kind of decorations on the floor, especially decorations that are too large to fit through.

Never leave anything unattended.

If guests see something and decide to try to enter, the guest should immediately remove any decorations.

If there’s no obvious entry point, guests should keep their distance.

Stay away from your own home.

Always make sure you follow all of these safety rules when decoratoring a haunted room.

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