Christmas decor in a glass house

The decorations on a home in a suburb of Perth, Australia, are not quite what you would expect to find on the holiday party table.

But the house in question is in fact a glass window house.

Glass houses have been around for centuries, dating back centuries, and have been used to decorate wooden and metal surfaces for centuries.

The glass house on the left in the image above, is one of them.

The house is on a small plot of land in the Perth suburb of Steel Roots.

The house is in a very special way, according to the owner, Robert Brown, the glass house is a work of art.

It’s just that the house is being decorated by an architect called John Green, who specializes in glass house decoration.

In fact, John Green is the same John Green who designed the Victorian mansion, the Beech House, in Victoria, Australia.

The building in the left picture, on the right, was originally built in 1865 and is now a part of the Beechers family estate in the suburb of Kew, a small city in Perth, in Western Australia.

A few months ago, the architect of the building, John Brown, was approached by the family who owned the property to help with the decorating.

The couple told Brown they were interested in creating a glass building to house a collection of objects from the museum collection of the Perth Museum.

The first two rooms in the house were initially designed by John Green.

The architect was interested in the idea of the glass houses being used for decorative purposes and wanted to make sure the house could be a focal point of the local area.

It took quite a few revisions before the final product was completed, the final image above is of the completed glass house, complete with a wooden plank floor and a wooden ceiling.

The home was originally sold in 2000 for $1.6 million.

The sale was for the property, which was valued at $4.7 million.

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