Fonte’s ‘fantastic’ Christmas ornament inspired by his beloved pet ‘Olympus’

Fonte is renowned for his love of pets and has used his collection of more than 60,000 to decorate homes and businesses across Italy.

However, the former Milan and Roma defender has also created his own Christmas ornament, inspired by the Olympic gold medalist.

“I have been inspired by my idol, my favourite animal, so that my ornament is an homage to her,” the 29-year-old said.

“Olympics symbolises hope, strength, freedom and love.”

Olympic medalist, Olympic starFonte’s decorated Christmas ornament in the shape of a gold medal, with a silver ring on the neck, is one of many Christmas decorations he has created.

“We love to have fun, to enjoy our family and to play and be merry,” Fonte said.

“I love animals, so I decided to create something inspired by her.”

Fonte is one the most popular footballers in Italy, with more than 2.7 million followers on Instagram and more than 1.6 million followers of his own on Twitter. 

“I like to wear my gold medal and the gold ribbon around my neck in a way that is like a mask to conceal it, so the whole world sees it,” Fontes said.

Olympiad gold medal-winning swimmer Gianni Agnelli, 30, is a huge fan of Fonte, who has described him as “my idol”.

“He is an inspiration for many people and is an amazing person.

He is a great role model for young people,” Agnellio said.

Fonte, a former member of the Milan club, has become the most-watched footballer in the world in 2017 with more people watching his matches than any other footballer in history.

“He has always been a good friend to me, always encouraging me and always encouraging my development,” Fonda said.

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