How to make a decorative lantern

As the sun sets and the season begins, many families are heading out to the beach, the water and the mountains for a romantic break.

But not everyone wants to go.

What if a group of people came together and made a light-up lantern?

Here are the tips you need to know to make one for yourself.1.

Buy a lantern that will lastA lantern is not just a simple lamp.

A lantern is also a beautiful light source that will keep you warm.

For this reason, there are a lot of styles out there.

But what we really like to make are lanterns that can stay lit all year long.

They are great for hanging on your walls, on a porch or even on your kitchen countertop.

We also like to add a little fun to our lanterns with our signature “I’m a Lantern” designs.2.

Choose a design and create a design with a theme and a nameChoose one that will be a favorite of your family.

This way, they’ll all have fun making your lantern.

You can also make your own designs using an image, picture or photo of your favorite characters.3.

Take it to the storeFind a local lantern manufacturer to get your lantern in stock.

Make sure to have the design printed out and ready to go, and be sure to include a note on the back of the lantern with the names of the artists and designers who created it.

The company will also make the lanterns themselves for you.4.

Hang your lantern on the wall or on your countertopThe most popular lanterns are hanging lanterns on the walls, countertops and even in your garage.

You’ll find them everywhere from your kitchen table to your dining room table.

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or a large lantern hanging on a wall, you’ll need one that you can hang in style and decorate with fun designs and names.

The more colorful and intricate your designs, the more you’ll look like you’re making a party.

If you are looking to add an element of fun to your lanterns, add a sparkle and glow to your designs with a colorful design like a neon lamp.

We love to have our lantern designs featured on the front of our stores.5.

Hang on a shelf or tableThe lanterns you make can hang on a variety of shelves and tables, including the wall, dining table or on the coffee table.

We recommend making your designs on the wood side of the table, so that they can be easily hung up.

You may also want to add some decorative features to the lantern to make it stand out from the other lanterns.6.

Create a design using your favorite characterThe most important thing to remember is to make your design with the character you’re creating.

This can be as simple as making a design of your child or an animal.

Just make sure to name the artist and create an image of their face or head in the design.

For example, if you are a child and want to make an adorable baby lantern, your design should look like a baby doll or a baby bunny.7.

Enjoy the experienceYou can use your lantern design to display your artwork on your wall, decorate the table or your counter, and even as a centerpiece on your mantle.

Make your design as colorful as you can with designs that match your home decor.

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