Why Is There No Room for A Home Decor Sign on Your Roof?

In my hometown of Philadelphia, a sign for “Mile High Barbecue” was hung in the front yard.

I had a friend who was a real estate agent, so he had a few suggestions for a sign: “Downtown Philadelphia” “Avenue at PHL” “Welcoming the World” “PHL Barbecue.”

As I was going through the list, I noticed a couple of signs for a restaurant called “Pulaski’s,” which was about 15 miles away from my home.

The next day, I went back to the website to see if the sign had been removed.

It had, but the restaurant had since closed down, too.

I figured it must have been removed, and then I saw another sign for a “Luxury Steakhouse” in an area called “The Old Town.”

I went to the Yelp page and found it was still up, though not listed.

What to do next?

I thought I would call and see if I could get a refund, but I’m not a lawyer and my phone rang.

After a few phone calls and a phone call to the restaurant, I was told that the restaurant was closed for renovations and that they couldn’t make any more.

So I called again, this time to get a confirmation.

The woman on the phone told me that they had to close down because renovations had taken place.

My friends and I both agreed that that sounded terrible, so I started planning a new plan.

We decided to go to the Philadelphia Convention Center and check out some more signs for our homes.

I asked if they were in my neighborhood.

I heard the woman say that the sign was removed because they had remodeled the building, but that the renovations had not started yet.

I told her that I wanted to know how they would go about that.

She said, “You just call, and we’ll make it happen.”

I told them that I had just returned from a meeting with them, and I would contact them to let them know that the remodel was still ongoing. 

They told me to let the sign remain on my home for a week.

When we got home, I looked in the mirror and was surprised to see that the old sign was still there.

This sign is on my house in Philadelphia.

There was nothing on it, and it was covered with black tape.

Here is my old sign.

If I had known about this sign before, I would have never bought a home.

I had no idea how much money I would be spending for my new home.

The remodel and renovations were scheduled to begin on the same day.

It was my first remodel, and the signs were on my property as part of the remodeling process.

But now I didn’t want to have to worry about this again.

I was so angry at this company that I called Yelp to see what to do about this.

They said that I should have called to complain to them and they would look into it.

Instead, I called the restaurant.

“Hi, what can I do for you?”

They told me the sign is up on my street and they could make a decision as to what to fix.

They offered me the option of letting it stay up as long as they wanted.

 I asked them to leave the sign on my porch or let it go.

They told them to come back in three days and they’d make the decision.

I called them back the next day and asked for the money back.

They said they had been working on the renovation and the new signs would be up by the end of March. 

I was not happy.

I felt that this was an effort to get me to sign the lease.

But I also wanted the new sign.

I wanted the money to come up as quickly as possible, and that’s exactly what I got.

I got a refund.

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