When decorators at a New Jersey Christmas market used to use old mailboxes for decorating, they were shocked to find that they’re a ‘real threat’ to children’s health

In 2013, a group of Christmas decorations were discovered in a New York mailboxes.

It turned out that the decorations were from a company called “Christmas Envelopes.”

The company uses old mail boxes as decorators, and claims to sell “an array of products that will be of interest to the average consumer.”

One of those products is a decorative mailbox.

It’s a perfect place for an old box.

For some reason, it seems to attract people with no interest in the mail, so it’s a great place to store a toy or toy-related item that they would like to keep.

A number of people were interested in it and bought it.

But, the company told Al Jazeera that it is “not a toy company and does not manufacture or sell toys.”

The New York Times described how it sold mailboxes that it found to be “soiling and rotting” to children.

“They were in such a condition that they were practically unusable,” a spokesman told the Times.

“You could literally walk away from the box, which had no air and no insulation, and it would be a death sentence.”

The problem is that the box is actually made of cardboard, which has a very low fire rating, and can be extremely difficult to clean, according to Al Jazeera.

“We didn’t think that was a good idea,” a customer who purchased one of the boxes told the New York Daily News.

“I was looking for a safe place for my child and I was disappointed.”

The mailbox was purchased by a company that is a “very reputable” company, according a company spokesman.

“As far as we’re concerned, the box should be a public asset,” he told the Daily News, adding that “there are no problems with the box.”

A few days after the box was purchased, the USPS contacted the company and said that it was looking into the matter.

The USPS did not specify which company it was talking to or why it was so concerned about the box.

“It’s kind of surprising that a mail box has become such a target,” said Mark Gillett, an assistant professor at the University of Washington and a Christmas enthusiast.

“For a company to have a problem with it, they’re kind of caught off guard.

We would be thrilled if they said, ‘It’s our mistake and we’ll get it fixed, and we’re going to take the blame.’

But they didn’t say anything.”

Gillet told the paper that he has seen the same thing happen at other retailers he’s worked at, like Costco and Home Depot.

He added that people are generally “pretty nice” and that the company does its best to fix any problems.

“But it’s very difficult for them to do that,” he said.

The company told the news outlet that they have no intention of selling any of the mailboxes because they are “not worth the trouble.”

“The boxes are not worth the effort to clean them,” a spokesperson said.

“If we could clean the boxes, it would save us money.”

The spokesman said that they are currently “looking into ways to clean the box and replace it.”

The spokesperson added that there was nothing they could do about the boxes’ appearance, but said they are working on a “new system” that would “clean them up.”

In other words, they will probably replace the boxes.

If the boxes do not have air and they are not cleaned properly, the “box could become a permanent hazard,” Gillegt told the News.

And, he added, “We have no plans to stop selling the boxes.”

Gilett told the Seattle Times that he had never heard of a company using the boxes for their own purposes before.

He said that there were many different companies that sell mailboxes, but “that’s not what we’re talking about.”

“I think the idea of the box as a ‘safe place’ is really the only thing that’s going to be useful,” he added.

“The box is not a toy.

It should not be a place where kids can get a toy.”

And, in fact, it’s the boxes that have a “special place in children’s minds,” according to the letter the company sent to the USPS.

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